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Wed Jun 19 2024

Common procedure to monitor data in Devops Environment

First we need a source of metrics that can be Applications, Databases, Containers etc

After that we need Exporters

Exporters are components that collect and export metrics from various systems, applications, and services, making them available to monitoring tools

Then we need Datasource

Datasource aggregates, stores, and allows querying of the metrics collected from Exporters, making it the data source for visualization tools and alerting mechanisms.

Collected data is stored in Time Series database

A time series database (TSDB) is a special type of database designed to store and manage data that is recorded over time. Each piece of data has a timestamp, which helps keep track of when it was collected.

Then comes the visualisation part

We can use tools like Grafana that make use of the data that is stored in Time Series Database like prometheus to visualise data

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