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Wed May 08 2024

Difference between any and unkown type in ts any:

  • The any type is a dynamic type, variables of type any can hold values of any data type, and TypeScript type checking is effectively turned off for them.
  • While any provides flexibility, it bypasses TypeScript's type checking entirely, which can lead to loss of type safety and potentially introduce bugs.


  • The unknown type is a type-safe counterpart of any. It represents values of an unknown type.
  • Variables of type unknown can hold values of any type, but you cannot perform operations on them without first narrowing their type or asserting a more specific type.

Both any and unknown provide flexibility in handling values of unknown types, any completely disables type checking, while unknown enforces type safety by requiring you to explicitly narrow the type before performing operations on the value. It's generally recommended to prefer unknown over any when dealing with values of unknown types, as it helps maintain type safety in your TypeScript code.

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