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Fri Mar 22 2024

Docker Hub & Pushing Docker ImagesWhy We Need Docker Hub: Docker Hub is like a social media platform, but instead of sharing photos or updates, we share Docker images. Docker Hub provides a centralized place for storing and managing these images. We use Docker Hub to: ◦ Share our Docker images with others. ◦ Store different versions of our Docker images. ◦ Access our Docker images from any machine, making deployment and scaling much easier. ◦ Find and use Docker images created by others, which can be very helpful. • How to Push a Docker Image to Docker Hub: To push a Docker image, we follow a few simple steps: a. Log In: Just like logging into your favorite app, we log in to Docker Hub on our computer. b. Tagging: We give our image a label (or a tag) that describes what it is and which version it is—kind of like tagging a friend in a photo docker tag flix-rails:latest nishanthmathiyazhagan/flix-rails:latest c. Pushing: With our image tagged, we ‘push’ it to Docker Hub, which means uploading it so others can download and use it. docker push nishanthmathiyazhagan/flix-rails:latestWhat Happens After Pushing the Image to Docker Hub: Once the image is pushed: ◦ It’s stored in our Docker Hub repository, ◦ Other people can ‘pull’ the image to their own computers or servers to run the application it contains. ◦ If we update the application, we can push the new version to Docker Hub so everyone can get the update. ◦ We can pull it down on any server #devops #docker